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firemagi ([personal profile] firemagi) wrote2005-08-24 06:35 am

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It's getting ridiculous how much I'm lazing about lately. There are about a dozen things I need to do that I haven't even started yet.

A good seven have to do with school next fall. No, I shouldn't say next fall. That makes it look like i have plenty of time. I should say next month- like need to haul ass to:

1) the health department-* Why do they need documented proof that I had the chicken pox in the third grade?*,

2) financial aid building-* Would you believe me if I said It slipped my mind that I had to pay those loans back? No? Loan people didn't buy it either ~pouts~*,

3) dentist office-* Once again documented proof of no tooth decay*,

4) court house-* I have no idea where my birth certificate is*

and get my shit in order.

~Yawn~ But it's raining here so I'll go tomorrow.... I guess.... Maybe.