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firemagi ([personal profile] firemagi) wrote2005-08-31 10:00 am

I've got gas.... In a good way

Two pipelines closed in atlanta, Katrina closes oil refineries in the gulf, and a boycott on gas about to start the next day.

result: entire town losing their ever lovin minds.

My mom comes home from work early just to fill her tank and make sure I did too. I( being the rational world thinker I am) try to explain to my bright but easily manipulated mother that there is a nationwide boycott on gas happening the next day and the crowds are just people trying to fill up the day before. I think I'm going to have to apologize to my mother for my naivety because a little protest on gas prices was not what I saw today.

There were lines at the pump that stretched around the block close to where I live for gas that hadn't been raised .30 .40 cents than it had been the previous day. It didn't last long, though, since that gas station quickly ran out because of people who had bought out the store's supply of gas tanks. I guess they're stockpiling for the coming apocalypse which if you ask every third person around here is fast approaching (sadly that not even a joke, this is in the Christian belt remember).

My thoughts on all of this?

*Shrugs* I got a full tank the night before, I'm good.